Some of the tutorials and articles on this site are quite dated, but I've kept them here because they still have value for some Dreamweaver users.

Patty Ayers
Patty Ayers

Essential Dreamweaver Resources

At one point this site featured a long list of Dreamweaver-related links. For a number of reasons, I've decided that it's more useful to post just a short list of really useful links, the ones I find myself using constantly, and repeatedly referring other people to. Here they are.

Basic Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver Forum (web-based)
Dreamweaver Forum Archives - Search years' worth of DW newsgroup posts - an indispensible reference
Macromedia's Dreamweaver TechNotes - Excellent first stop when seeking solutions to DW problems
Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver - Here's where extensions for DW can be downloaded, many for free

Dreamweaver Extensions

Dreamweaver Fever - News and information, some of my favorite extensions, and some great basic DMX tutorials
Project Seven - Free extensions, free tutorials, the best DW templates in the business, at reasonable prices


Marrutt Digital Training - Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorials
Apex Web Media: Dreamweaver Training Videos
Macromedia Certification Practice Exams

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